Marco Maria D'Ottavi - Bustier Floriane Deluxe
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“In many ways, "Light", along with photography, have been part of my life. I was fascinated as a child, watching the huge daylight lamps that my grandfather used to take pictures of the family. Lamps mounted on satellite dishes made from old stoves.” "I've always considered it a miracle when a woman pays attention to the beauty of her body in my camera lens."
In just three years, after attending courses, alongside the masters of cinema, theater and television, and earning a master's degree in the United States on lighting and photography in theater, he began to work for the greatest interpreters of all: from Andrea Camilleri to Edmo Fenoglio, and on to television work with G. Ferrari, Krzysztof Zanussi, Werner Schroeter, Rainer W. Fassbinder, and F. Zeffirelli. He also taught not one-day workshop or two, but year long state courses, with dozens of students that have gone on to become photographers and light technicians of film and theater. He co-wrote a book named "illumination technique in photography and television."
His involvement with the female nude, fashion and glamour came a little later. He has known the masters of photography in that area and worked with them. It was the era of the centerfold taken with an optical bench. There were only the prints from negatives that left no room for error. “I have always considered it a miracle when a woman pays attention to the beauty of her body into my camera lens. And that is why I try desperately not to disappoint, first of all "my" Woman, and then myself.” Today his target is fashion: “I think it is the only type of photography which allows you to search more.” "I would say, paraphrasing my young friend, a promising photographer, when I think of myself thirty years ago; It had to go, and that's how it went."
“Today, as a member of a very prolific photographic studio, MODSTUDIO® (cofounded with my friend and partner Luca Mosconi), my professional attention is directed to the world of Fashion and Dance.”


Title: Bustier Floriane Deluxe
Ph: Marco Maria D'Ottavi
Model:Chiara Grossi
MakeUp & Hairstyle: Paola Coratti